Pricing Packages

Monthly Bookkeeping Services

*See below for ADD-ONS or Optional Services*

Pricing packages are a general guideline to let you know where you might fit in, each package can be customized based on your needs~
Please contact us for a complimentary assessment and custom quote~

~Perfect for New
Business Owners~
~Ideal for Growing
~For Businesses that need something extra~
Monthly Billing Packages
“Bookkeeping Made for You” ...
Starts @ $275 Starts @ $495 Starts @ $825
We base our rates on your company’s total monthly revenue or expenses – whichever is greater~ $275, up to $25,000 $495, up to $60,000 $825, up to $100,000


  1. Cloud Technology and Automation. NEW QuickBooks Online Monthly Subscription + HubDoc App + QB Time App
  2. Communications/Questions, calls and emails will be returned within 12-24 hours – GUARANTEED
  3. Monthly Financial Statements
  4. Stress-Free TAX TIME: Financials Ready for Tax Time, Communication and Collaboration with your Tax Preparer or CPA

~Service packages are invoiced in advance and paid by credit card or ACH by the 3rd of each month~

Setup NEW QuickBooks Online Account
*Complete setup + Your Unique Features... i.e., Class and/or Location Tracking, Sales Tax Nexus, Inventory: Products, Services
+ Finished Goods Inventory ONLY~
*NOTE: We do not track Inventory Parts; we can recommend APPs to manage your Raw Materials/Work in Process if needed.
Setup, ADD/One-time: $99 Setup, ADD/One-time: $199 Setup, ADD/One-time: $299
Custom Chart of Accounts (Industry Specific)
E-COMMERCE Clients: Etsy or Shopify
*ADD us as a READ-ONLY user (obtain reports/payouts)
*NOTE: We do not recommend tracking Etsy or Shopify Inventory in QuickBooks. We’ll update the monthly inventory asset each month to the Balance Sheet.
1-Etsy or Shopify Store Up to 2 Etsy or Shopify Stores Up to 2 Etsy or Shopify Stores
E-COMMERCE Clients: Amazon *We Use: A2X + TaxJar APPs
*A2X and TaxJar APPs will be connected to your QBO Account
1-Amazon Store
ADD: $49 billed monthly
(A2X + TaxJar subscriptions)
1-Amazon Store
ADD: $49 billed monthly
(A2X + TaxJar subscriptions)
1-Amazon Store
ADD: $49 billed monthly
(A2X + TaxJar subscriptions)
Record and Reconcile Financial Transactions (Bank Feeds) Monthly
*Up to 150 Transactions
*Up to 300 Transactions
*Up to 500 Transactions
Reconcile BANK and CREDIT CARD Statements
*We work with up to 4 Bank and Credit Card Business Accounts (no personal accounts UNLESS only used for business)
Monthly Monthly Monthly
Reconcile Business Loans, Balance Sheet Accounts Monthly Monthly Monthly
Record Adjusting Journal Entries, if needed (Accrual Basis) Annual Monthly/Annual Monthly/Annual
Financial Statements
*Monthly Profit & Loss + Balance Sheet + Cash Flow
Monthly Weekly or Monthly Weekly or Monthly
Single dashboard that showcases a high-level view of all your financial metrics, general health of your business so that you can plan for upcoming costs - all inside your QuickBooks Online.
Accounts Receivable Management *Client sends invoices
*We update and monitor A/R for customer payments
Up to 30 customer payments
Optional: $49 per month BILL.COM (A/R + A/P)
Optional: $49 per month BILL.COM (A/R + A/P)
Accounts Payable Management
*We’ll collect W-9 Forms from your vendors, process your vendor bills electronically. You approve bills and control when bills are paid.
Up to 30 vendor bills
*See above...A/R
*See above...A/R
Payroll Management *Up to 10 employees/contractors
*Payroll setup, Collect Employee Forms: W-4, I-9 etc., Processing Payroll: Weekly or Bi-Weekly, Payroll reports + Federal and State Quarterly Filings and Annual W-2 Forms/1099-NEC. *Up to 10 employees/contractors
Not Included
QuickBooks Updated:
Weekly or Bi-Weekly
ADD/One-Time Setup
Fee: $15 per employee/contractor
QuickBooks Updated:
Weekly or Bi-Weekly
ADD/One-Time Setup
Fee: $15 per employee/contractor
1099 / 1096 Processing and Filing
*Prepare and electronically file 1099 Forms
(Includes e-filing fees)
Not Included Annual Annual


  1. After reviewing our packages and/or one-time/Add-on services, please arrange a discovery call. We’ll learn more about your business, specific needs and answer any questions to see if we’ll be able to support your bookkeeping requirements.
  2. We’ll craft a strategy to meet your desired goals and recommend a customized solution to your specific needs with an upfront fixed monthly package.
  3. We’ll provide a service engagement agreement clearly outlining our services and pricing and begin the on-boarding process to obtain all the information we need for your business. **Your full and timely cooperation is required for us to complete your books during on-boarding and each month thereafter.

ADD-ONS or One-Time Services:

  • Complimentary discovery call to find out more about your business and what we’ll need to complete your bookkeeping.
  • We’ll complete a business analysis checklist during our next phone meeting to gather what we need. (30-45m)
  • Select a QuickBooks Online monthly Subscription that fits your business. Simple Start, Essentials or PLUS ($15 - $40 per month)
  • We’ll setup your QuickBooks Online account with your specific account settings, Sales Tax Nexus, Company Logo, Sales Forms, Email Templates, Chart of Accounts – Industry specific, Products/Services, ADD QuickBooks Payments as your payment gateway or use any other existing gateway you currently use for your business, CONNECT your bank and credit card accounts to the bank feed within QuickBooks Online (we’ll send simple instructions for this process since you will include your login credentials to these accounts)
  • We’ll use either HUB DOC or DropBox APP to share the bank and credit card statements needed to catchup all your bookkeeping to current.
  • We’ll begin working on all your bookkeeping and may need additional information during the process, however most will be collected following our phone meeting and through sharing financial documents.
  • When all the bookkeeping is complete to date, we’ll provide financial reports: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow so you have a snapshot of your business from that point.
  • Depending on the amount of catchup in bringing your business to current, you can expect this entire process to take 3-6 weeks to complete.
  • Following completion, we can re-engage and support your bookkeeping ongoing with one of our Monthly packages or if you plan to do your own bookkeeping, we can offer a couple options: 1. Provide a document outlining the workflow steps for maintaining your QuickBooks account – daily – weekly – monthly – annually. ADD $149 2. If you have a bookkeeper, we can provide audit services Quarterly as a review of your QuickBooks file. $149 per Quarter (End of March, End of June, End of October, End of Year)
One-Time SETUP Fee: $15 per employee/contractor
*Collect all necessary payroll forms (W-4, I-9 etc.) + EFT Applications for Direct Deposit recipients – done online. We also provide end of year W-2 and/or 1099-NEC processing (includes the e-file fees)
Employees. Contractors. Overtime. Wage Garnishments. New Hires. Terminations. Then... next week - the payroll process starts all over again. As a business owner, payroll can become a full-time job. We can relieve the burden by providing all these payroll services while meeting Federal/State Tax and reporting deadlines.
~You do your own bookkeeping and only need a QuickBooks Online Monthly Subscription and Custom set-up~
  1. SELECT a QuickBooks Online Monthly Subscription: $15 - $40 Simple Start, Essentials or PLUS
  2. Complete Basic Setup, $99 - $299 (QuickBooks: Company Account Settings, Company Logo, Sales Tax Nexus, Sales Form, Chart of Accounts, Products/ Services, ADD customers and vendors with detail + gather W-9 forms, Bank Feed: Bank and Credit Card Accounts (we’ll guide you through this process since you will enter your login credentials within your NEW QuickBooks Online subscription.)
  3. ADD QuickBooks Payments as your payment gateway/processor (*2 Pricing Plans available: either $0 per month + Swipe % OR $16 per month + Reduced Swipe %)
  4. QuickBooks Online Workflow Document: Outlines the daily – weekly – monthly – annual business compliance tasks to maintain your bookkeeping ongoing. $149
  5. Optional: We can provide audit services each Quarter as a review of your QuickBooks file. $149 per Quarter (End of March, End of June, End of October, End of Year)